Monday, February 9, 2015

Projects & Guests

A couple weekends ago some of neighbors had a group garage sale.  I found this precious doll bed for $5 and my helpers carried it home.  With a little magic eraser action it looks almost as good as new.
 I made a little mattress and blanket for it all with stuff I already had.
 And Denbigh's dolly has a resting place.
 A few days after completing that project we had some overnight guests.  We used to share a duplex with these friends when we lived in Charleston.  Back then it was just the four adults and then Joseph.  They moved on to upstate South Carolina and we moved to Little Rock.  Then they moved to Burbank, CA and we moved to San Diego.  So crazy.  They came down to attend a conference at our church and we got to introduce each other to the 5 kiddos born since we last saw each other.  The youngest of theirs is this precious boy born just a couple months ago.
 Their daughter is about 7 months older than Denbigh and they were so sweet together.
 And Jacob and Judah hit it off as well.
 Naomi stole my heart as she often would ask to "hold me."