Monday, September 28, 2009

3 years old!

Our sweet Joseph Henry is three years old today. The time has flown by.

Joseph loves to play games. . . mostly the ones he makes up. He loves to sit on my lap and say "I noooooo tickle!" and then giggle hysterically when I check to see if this is true. He loves to talk on his imaginary hand phone to update grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. on every little thing that happens all day. For instance, he just had the following "conversation" with someone. . .

"I got the crayons"
"all of the colors"
"I color now"
"okay, okay"

He loves the Disney Channel and Disney movies and Disney songs. He also loves reading books and recently got his first library card. And he still loves to sing and dance.

He loves all his animals. His bed is full with Red George, Brown George, Monkey, Puppy, Blue and Pooh.

He has learned that he has options and that some things are "My's!" This is not always cute and adorable. His imagination is developing by leaps and bounds. Spaghetti can be held up at dinner and plucked at ("I'm playing guitar") and cars go through fake tunnels that crash. This is pretty much always cute and adorable.

He is a very sweet boy who still goes to bed so easily and somehow, miraculously, stays in bed until Mama or Daddy open the door to see if he's awake. If so, then he bounds from the bed with a "Hi Mama!" or "Hi Daddy!" and a big hug.

He is quite the little helper and loves to help with laundry and putting his cup in the sink. He also quickly pulls a chair up in the kitchen to help as soon as anyone mentions food prep.

He's still a snuggle bug and we love him. He can be a challenge and we love him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class Leader

I have started a Bible Study at church geared for women new to Little Rock called "After the Boxes are Unpacked." While I am there, Joseph gets a couple of hours of childcare that is quite similar to the preschool he attended in Charleston - story time, snack time, singing, playing, recess. This morning when I picked him up I was told that he was the class leader today because he made good choices about following directions. I rewarded his "good choices" with a Sonic stop on the way home. Here's hoping the rest of the day will be filled with good choices as well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Brother

For those of you who haven't yet heard - Joseph is going to be a big brother in the spring. So far Joseph is pretty excited about it. We'll see how he feels when it actually happens. I am almost through the first trimester and am looking forward to regaining some energy soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our weekend

The Swearingen Family took an extended road trip for Labor Day weekend. Friday morning we hit the road early and traveled up to Indianapolis. We were so glad that we were able to be with our family at Laurie's Home-Going Celebration. The service was truly a fitting celebration and reflected not only her family's love for her, but her love of Jesus. You can read all about the celebration on Laurie's blog - Up a Paddle.

Saturday after the service and luncheon, we hit the road again for Nashville. We stopped off in Franklin, KY for a quick visit with Nanny (Christopher's grandmother). We also had a bit of a detour on 65 South through Kentucky and got to see some scenic Amish country.

Christopher spent Sunday afternoon/evening with some friends drafting for their Fantasy Football Leagues. In the past we have spent Labor Day weekend with these friends in Atlanta. However, they have moved to Nashville and we have moved to Little Rock. . . . . still only a 5 hour drive. . . just a different venue. I spent the afternoon shopping with my sister-in-law Aftin and Joseph spent the day playing with his Papa & Nana.

We hopped back in the car yesterday at noon and headed back to Little Rock. Six different states in the first two days. . . . . and Joseph was such a trooper the whole time.