Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Once again!

I am doing a catch-up post.  This blog has taken a big back seat since we've moved to California.  Possibly because we're so busy enjoying everything there is to do here!  

We finished up soccer season and the boys got their trophies!

 We also enjoyed halloween with our superheros at Legoland. . . 

 and in Nashville with our cousins!

 But the real reason we were in Nashville was for Aunt Alissa and Uncle Nick's wedding!

We enjoyed a weekend full of festivities including the bridesmaids brunch, rehearsal dinner and of course the fabulous wedding and reception.

 The cousins enjoyed dancing together.

 And Denbigh enjoyed celebrating her 16-month birthday with a daddy-daughter dance.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Family Fun Weekend

Daddy's company was having several-day meeting at a hotel downtown so Friday after school the kids and I drove downtown to meet him and spend the night.  
we enjoyed walking around Seaport Village and exploring some of the local sights before dinner.

 We had never walked down to the aircraft carrier so we headed that direction and found several fun surprises.

This monument to the USS San Diego . . . . 

 . . .a great view of the carrier . . . 

  . . . . another monument. . .  
 . . . and this!. . . 

  . . . and finally a tribute to Bob Hope.

 Back at the hotel after dinner we explored the pool/game area and enjoyed the view. . . and a little warm up by the fire pits.

 After brunch the next morning we headed back to the game area and then enjoyed some time in the pool while Daddy finished up his last meeting.

 We even got in a little more exploring time in Sea Port Village.
 Finally we headed home - only to head back out a couple hours later for the Monster Bash at Joseph's school.
Our Iron Men!!!