Friday, September 5, 2014

14 months!

And I'm only a few days late posting Denbigh's 14 month pictures!
At 14 months she has 12 teeth.
Is walking and running everywhere.
She signs: More, All Done and Milk.
She says: Dada, Mama, All Done.  And makes lots of other sounds that are trying to be words.
She also mimics any sounds we make.
She loves to play with her brothers and her doggie.
She loves playing with her Little People - especially Cinderella and Prince Charming - and can usually be found with one in each hand.
She loves cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.
She has definitely opinions about how her life should be and who should be paying attention to her.
She is a trooper in her stroller and car seat as most of her life is spent on-the-go.

13 months

I actually took these pictures of Denbigh on her 13-month birthday but am over a month late posting them.  She was still getting the hang of walking so there was a lot of falling and getting herself back up. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of Pre-K 4

Jacob started his new preschool too.  He only goes 2 mornings a week for now and already knows a couple of kiddos in his class.

 With Miss Tara.
Jake's school is only a couple blocks further down the hill from Joseph's school.  So Denbigh and Mama get an extra long hike on those mornings.  It's a pretty good work-out - especially on the way back up the hill pushing a stroller.

First Day of Second Grade

Joseph started his first day of Second Grade at our new school in California.

There are some awesome trails in our community and one of them leads from our home down to the back gate of the elementary school.  It's amazing to see so many people hiking down the hill to take their kiddos to school (and to pick them up in the afternoons.) As a bonus you get an ocean view on the way down.

We took an apple to his teacher on the first day.
 Jacob walked home hand-in-hand with our new neighbor friend.
 In the afternoon after school we walked into town for some frozen yogurt before soccer practice.

Our Nana

At the end of July we were told that our Nana's days were very limited.  We were all devastated as she has fought so hard these past few years to beat cancer.  The days passed much faster than we expected and Nana gained her heavenly body only a couple weeks later.  We miss her so much but as we look through the pictures of her it is easy to see her legacy living on in her children and grandchildren.  I am blown away at how much my sweet babies look like her and wish I could look over these pictures with her.