Friday, October 25, 2013

Fiesta Time!

The First Grade studied about Mexico during the first nine weeks of school and so, to celebrate, they had a fiesta last Friday.  The moms all brought food and decorations and the kids had a great time.

 Joseph sporting his sombrero and poncho.

 We ended the Fiesta with a pinata!
 This week was also spirit week and Friday was "Crazy Hair Day."

 After the boys and the girls had each broken their pinata Ms. Fields just started throwing candy at them.  They absolutely love her.

 At the beginning of the year they were given a Sight Word folder which reviewed the 100 sight words from Kindergarten and the 100 words they need to know for First Grade. In addition the folder included the next 800 sight words and the kids were encouraged to work ahead.  Our little reader was the first one in his class to finish the entire folder and Ms. Fields surprised him with these amazing gifts.  (Mama was a bit overwhelmed with her generosity.  Our teachers do NOT get paid enough!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Nashville Visit

Since Joseph had Friday off school we decided to make a quick trip to Nashville.  
Denbigh got to meet Great-Aunt Janet!
 And she enjoyed some wonderful snuggle time with Nanny. Apparently they chatted earlier to coordinate their color of outfits for the day.

 Daddy fried up some more amazing buttermilk fried chicken.
 And Mama played Bingo with Ava and Joseph.

Jacob had so much fun all weekend that he literally passed out.
Having cousins is fun!!

General cuteness from the past couple of weeks

Mama finally sewed the patches on my shirt!

Ready for church!

Just plain cute.

Big Brothers are pretty darn cute too.

Rolling over is really frustrating!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 months old!

This little precious is 3 months old!  The time has flown by.

 This is the worst/best pic of the bunch.  Photo shoot over!