Monday, September 10, 2012

Barnyard Birthday Party

Sunday afternoon the boys were invited to a barnyard birthday party.  It was such a cute party with real barnyard animals!!!  The boys had a great time petting/feeding them.
 Here is Carter, the birthday boy, checking out the animals.

 A 15-year-old girl made this cake.  I was seriously impressed.
 The birthday boy with his parents.
 I was asked to make his birthday shirt.  It turned out so cute!


Several months ago I got a phone call from my bro-in-law asking if we'd want to go to Charleston to surprise my sister and celebrate her 30th birthday.  Of course we all wanted to go since we miss that place like crazy.  But, since Joseph is in school, Christopher said that I should just go.  I met up with my other sister Natalie and nephew Rigby at the airport and we headed downtown to surprise Megan.  

She was definitely surprised and we spent the next two days eating, shopping and walking all over downtown Charleston.

 Chris found this awesome Irish sign which was being used as a decoration in one of the stores on King Street.  The owner agreed to sell it and said that it is one of two that were specially made by a guy in New York.  
 We also made a quick trip out to Sullivan's Island so Rigby could dip his toes in the Atlantic.
 We drove past our old house. . . . so many memories of fun times there!
 And we enjoyed a stop by the crepe stand at the Marion Square Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.
It was a short & sweet trip.  We're hoping to take the whole family back soon.  

Christopher was super-daddy while I was gone.  He managed to get in two full days of work as well as shuffle boys to/from school, supervise homework, pack lunches and take care of the puppy.  I know there's more to that list that I'm missing . . . . . but he did an awesome job!

Labor Day Weekend

Daddy had his annual Fantasy Football Live Draft with his buddies over Labor Day weekend so we all made the trip to Nashville and enjoyed some fun times with our family.

The boys dressed up for the morning Irish vs. Navy game which was played in Ireland. (The adults celebrated with some awesome Irish Coffees thanks to Papa.)
 I really don't have a lot of pictures from the weekend but did snap this cute one of the boys playing out on the porch.