Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts. . .

I love that I got this picture at just the right time.  It looks like Joseph is in pain but really he's laughing.  Denbigh is such a little grabber.  She is quick to grab hair and skin and slow to let go.
 And I finally got a picture of these two little pearly bottom teeth!! 
 It seems like she's gone from baby to "big girl" overnight and I know it's going to continue to fly by.
Because of all the snow days we had school will now be in session through the first week of June.  And because of our move and some additional traveling we'll be doing before then we have decided to pull Jacob out of his school at the same time.  Yes - that means that all 3 kiddos will be home with mama every day of summer.  I plan on wearing them out at the pool most of that time. 
Jacob's school did graduation pictures recently and we asked if he could be included since he'll be leaving. They said yes!  Look at this precious "graduate."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The house is listed

The photographer came to take pictures of our house yesterday morning and today our house was officially listed online.  I love our house and truly wish I could load it up on a truck and move it to California.  I hope that some wonderful family comes to look at it and falls in love with it too.

Here is the link to the listing: official listing

And here is the link to the virtual tour: virtual tour

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Club - Anne of Green Gables

March was my month to host book club and I picked one of my childhood/teen favorites - Anne of Green Gables.  For snacks I made Raspberry Cordial, "He called me Carrots" tortes and Plum Puffs.

 Our February book club meeting had been canceled due to snow so we covered both books this month.  My friend and neighbor Rebecca had picked Code Name Verity which takes place in France so she brought French cheeses, chocolates and some fruit.

We had such a lovely time.  These book club ladies have become dear friends and I am going to miss them all so much!

Super Hero Birthday Party!!!

Jacob and his best friend George both turn 4 this month.  When George's mom and I realized that we were planning the exact same party for both boys we decided to combine our efforts and have their parties together.
We have a new trampoline park a half mile from our house that the boys love.  We took them there in advance to take some pictures for their invitation.

Then we went to work on the party.  Alicia and I made fondant super hero cupcake toppers and we were so excited with how they turned out.

 I also made birthday t-shirts for the boys.
Our birthday boys!!!
 Let the party begin!

 Alicia made the banner and all the fun decorations.

 Captain America is ready for action.
More costumes and goodie bags.
 That most of their friends came in costume just added to the fun.

 Even Baby D got in on the jumping.  She loved it!

 Time for pizza  . . 
 and cupcakes!!

 We saved the presents until we got home.  Jacob was so thrilled with all the super hero gifts he received.  He has been rescuing us from Bad Guys and saving the day ever since.