Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 years 8 months old

this morning we took a little time to weigh and measure Joseph.

weight: 34 pounds
height: 39 inches

Compared to his 2-year-old stats, in the last 8 months he has gained 1.5 pounds and grown 2.5 inches.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 Swearingen Family Vacation - Tybee Island, GA

The fabulous rental house on Tybee Island - Tybee Island Joy.

I love my kitchen. . . . but I also really, really, really loved this one.
One of the many Rook games played during the week.

Lifeguards asking two of the Swearingen siblings to swim a little closer to shore.
Joseph bundled up in his towel after a dip in the backyard pool.
Even Katie enjoyed her vacation.
Joseph lazily floating around the pool in his crab floaty.

Swearingen siblings heading into the huge waves. (Swearingen wives sat safely on the beach and took pictures.)
Travis & Aftin.
The beach was just a short walk from the house.
Breakfast at the "World Famous" Breakfast Club.

As Joseph said - "Deeeelicious!"

Dr. Swearingen preparing to open her first bottle of champagne.Success!
Dinner at Lady & Sons in Savannah - Paula Deen's restaurant.
Joseph posing with Paula.

Aftin enjoying the pecan pie.
Christopher & Alissa.
Alissa & Papa Jim.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Baby is born. You take care of baby. Do everything for baby. Think Baby will always need you.

And then they turn 2 . . . and all you hear is:

"I can try!"
"I open door!"
"I hold you!"
"I get juice!"
"I put in movie!"

On the other hand, it's also nice to have this conversation:

J: "Mama, what you doing?"
Me: "I'm cleaning up your toys Joseph"
J: "I can help you. I pick up blocks!"
Me: "um, really? that would be great. thank you!" (and continuing in my head: And a welcome change from you throwing a hissy fit every time I start to put your toys away . . . . like you're never going to see them again.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sorry Mama

Last week I was giving Joseph some ravioli in the living room. Bad decision on my part but equally bad decision on his part to spit one bite out onto the couch. I was able to get the stains out . . .after a long "discussion" about how we don't spit things out on the couch.

Fast forward.

Last night our poor little booger had some tummy issues. I kind of felt it coming on all afternoon and wasn't too surprised when he threw up all over the couch (although surprised enough not to have a bucket handy). After I cleaned him up and had him wrapped in a towel, we had the following conversation.

Joseph: "I spit it out on the couch"
Mama: "yes - you spit it out on the couch"
Joseph: "sorry mama"
Mama: "it's ok Joseph. you couldn't help it! Mama is sorry you're sick."
Joseph: "sorry mama. sorry I spit it out on the couch. sorry mama. sorry mama."

How is that for precious?