Thursday, July 30, 2009

school days

Miss Emmy - the teacher's helper during the first summer session of school - gave me a CD with these fun pictures of Joseph. Joseph has loved preschool and will miss it (so will mama). It's been wonderful watching him thrive socially and making great little friends.

haircuts and firetrucks

Joseph went for his last before-we-move haircut yesterday after school. As soon as I picked him up I told him that we were going to see Miss Alison. He said "and firetrucks!" This is the benefit of having a stylist whose boyfriend is a firefighter. . . added benefit that salon and fire station are 2 blocks apart.

Joseph and George take a seat inside the truck.

One last picture . . . was one too many. Joseph was more than ready to head home for his lunch and nap. Thank you Alison & Jamie.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Official!!!!!

The Swearingen Family is moving to. . . . Little Rock! Christopher has accepted a faculty position at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Biostatistics! We had a couple of great job offers in the DC area and the most tempting part was the friends/family we have in that area. When it came down to it, the Little Rock offer was much better and the job itself is exactly what Christopher has wanted. So - we're packing up and heading west!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dr. Christopher Swearingen, PhD

Yesterday, after five years of hard work, Christopher successfully defended his dissertation. I sat in on his presentation and I thought he did an extremely great job. . . even though I understood practically nothing. Christopher's committee obviously thought he did a great job too and approved him for graduation!!! Yesterday was a very special day for us. And as Joseph says "I like special day!"Christopher being introduced.Guzzling a bottle of champagne afterwards. Just kidding. He shared a toast with his committee and then posed for this celebratory photo with an empty bottle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a little small

As I pull things out of closets and friends' attics in anticipation of moving, Joseph is discovering a whole world of items he thinks are "brand new toys!" - exersaucer, bouncy seat and . . . . his car seat. He spent most of yesterday in his old car seat.After his nap, he even wanted a pillow and blanket so he could watch a movie.
And for comparison. . . . .

The first post regarding things we'll miss about Charleston

In no particular order. . . .

On Saturday we went up to McClellanville to visit Chris & Linda McClellan. We are so blessed to have been adopted by them since we moved here. Chris was an elder at our church and Linda and I co-taught the high school girls Christian Ed class until they were called to attend a church closer to their home. They have been wonderful mentors. I have created wedding dresses for two of their daughters-in-law. Their youngest son, Matthew, lived in the upstairs of our duplex for awhile. They were at the hospital waiting with my parents when Joseph was born. We will truly miss their whole amazing, crazy family.
Joseph knows exactly where Grandma Linda keeps the toys . . . in a wicker basket under her bed. Grandpa Fuzzy gave Joseph a toy he doesn't know about yet. . and won't for awhile. It's a Red Ryder BB Gun and it's in the closet.

good-bye party

We went to a good-bye party last night. Not for us. For the Scheers. Their son, Connor, and Joseph are about 8 months apart and are buddies at church. I was so glad that I was able to sing next to Dara in the choir one last time last Sunday morning . . . not that either of us was able to do it without some tears. Especially when sweet Connor decided that he'd rather be with his mom and joined us up front. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Connor and "Big Joe" hugging each other last night and saying "I'll miss you!"

The highlight of the evening though, was finding Joseph and little Miss Abby Koch rolling around on the futon tickling each other. They were adorable and having so much fun. I was smiling at how cute it was until I realized that if I catch them doing that in ten years there will be big trouble.


The second-to-last road that we drive on to get to school every morning has five speed bumps. Joseph knows exactly where they are and we have the following conversation.

J - "here it comes! One bump!"
Me - "yes sir - get ready!"
J - "here it comes! Two bump!"
Me - "yes sir - second bump."

this continues through all five bumps. The best conversation about the bumps, however, was the one we had the first day. . . . .

J - giggling in the back seat
Me - "Joseph, what's so funny?"
J - "this road is silly!"

Favorite Song

This weekend "Mamma Mia!" premiered on HBO. Yes, this movie is still Joseph's current favorite. Yes, we watch it on DVD several times a week. So why would the HBO premiere be so exciting? I have no idea. But it was. Very exciting.

"Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mamma Mia is on TV. Mama! Mama! Mama! It's Mamma Mia!!!!!!"

He was equally excited when it was on TV again the next day. And then when the actual "Mamma Mia!" song was about to begin . . . .

"Here it comes! My favorite song!"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

It was MUSC night at the Riverdogs last night so we took little Joe out to "The Joe" to see the game. We left about half-way through because of the impending storm and it was Joseph's bedtime. But it was a great night to be at the game!

While the parents are away

Joseph stayed with Papa & Nana last week. Between the pool, the playground, Katie dog and the great toys. . . . he kept very busy and barely noticed we were gone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh-oh-oh Little Rock

In our quest for our future home, Christopher & I traveled to Little Rock, AR last week via a quick stop in Nashville to drop Joseph off at Papa & Nana's. While Christopher spent many hours in interviews and making his presentation, I scouted out the town. I was more impressed with Little Rock than I thought it would be. It is truly beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, I only took a couple of pictures. These are all downtown on the riverfront. . . . The Pedestrian Bridge and a great new playground.Our options are narrowed down to 2 cities. We will be making an "official" decision soon and will announce it as soon as everything is "signed on the dotted line."

In other (but the same) exciting news - Christopher is scheduled to defend his dissertation next Wednesday (22 July) afternoon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Typical Friday Night for the Swearingens

Joseph with Geraldo. . . our favorite (and usual) waiter.

enjoying a night with friends. . . . Joseph looks like he's been into the sauce.
better one of Joseph but now it looks like the photographer has been in the sauce.
Joseph in a "look at the camera" headlock.
Christopher & Derek
Matt & Lauren. . . . . not sure what happened to the flash here.

Family Fun Weekend - Sunday

yes - over a week later I'm posting the rest of the pictures from our Family Fun Weekend. Here are a couple more pictures of the Tall Ships.
The big highlight of Family Fun Weekend - The Sunday Edition - was taking Joseph on his first sailing adventure.
We had tried to go on Saturday night but severe weather kept us home. Joseph was really excited about going.
Our friend Cam keeps his sailboat docked at the Cooper River Marina.
Joseph is suited up and ready to go!
Waiting. . .

We enjoyed a gorgeous Charleston sunset.

Joseph liked keeping an eye on the gauges.