Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Coffee Table

Joseph's new favorite toy is our coffee table. I think it's because when he lays under it and puts his feet up, he can touch the top. He also loves to pull himself up on the rungs, either with his hands (lifting head off the floor) or with his feet (lifting butt off the floor). So basically, now when I go into the living room, I find him under the coffee table.

Daddy's Home!

Joseph loves the time of day when daddy comes home from work. Now when he hears the door, he looks towards it with a grin on his face and then begins to bounce with glee. Here are a couple of pictures from Joseph attacking daddy's face with joy at his homecoming.

If Joseph were twins. . . .

7 months old!

Yesterday was Joseph's 7-month birthday. According to our camera we took 144 pictures of him yesterday. However, only a few aren't blurry. No, we're not bad photographers. In fact, we even have a tripod! Joseph, however, was not in the mood to hold still. So - here is a small sample of yesterday's pictures.

and a blurry one:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beautiful day for a walk

Joseph and I walk a lot all over town but yesterday we had company! Michelle & Chandler joined us on our walk to Hampton Park. Here are our little guys all ready to go!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Funny Ducks

Link to funny duck video on You Tube

Monday, April 23, 2007

Almost There

Now - how to move it all forward????

A Ducky Miracle

After a few days of patience and coaxing. . . Joseph has tamed the wild beast and is now officially The Ducky Whisperer.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday morning in Charleston

Our favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings - the Farmers Market in Marion Square. It's a nice little walk from our house and we can enjoy breakfast and people/dog watching.

The colorful tents - and our favorite one - Charleston Crepe Co.
Our crepes! This morning we had Nutella & Strawberry and Spinach, Mushroom, Tomato & Feta.Joseph enjoying Saturday morning at the market.Joseph taking a break from his stroller and getting a view from the top.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scary Duck

Joseph had so much fun during his big-boy bath at Nana and Papa's that I wanted to transition him to our tub instead of just sitting in the sink. So I got out the inflatable duck that was given to us as a shower gift and blew it up while Joseph was napping yesterday. I thought he'd have a lot of fun playing in it first and then we'd give him his bath in it today. Well - let me try to describe to you the scene of Joseph meeting his new bath tub. (Keep in mind - Joseph hasn't met a toy he didn't like or usually, love.)

Round 1 - He woke up from his nap and I took him to the living room where we sat down beside the duck. Joseph stared. I petted the duck. I sat Joseph in the duck. Joseph started crying. Usually I feed Joseph as soon as he wakes up so I thought he was showing his displeasure to this variation of the routine. I took Joseph out of the duck and fed him.

Round 2 - I took Joseph back to the duck. I lift Joseph to put him in the duck. Joseph goes stiff. Joseph spreads his stiff legs so that his feet hit the sides of the duck. Joseph gets red. Joseph lets out a shriek such as I have never heard before. Joseph flips himself around in my arms, puts his arms around my neck and buries his head in my chest and sobs. Joseph lifts head occasionally to see if duck is still there. It is. More head buried sobbing.

Result - Scary duck is now in the dining room and Joseph is no longer traumatized.

On the Mooooove

Yes - these are in the right order. . . . . apparently you have to go backwards before you can move forward?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Week in Nashville

Although we wish it had been under other circumstances, we were able to have a sweet week in Nashville with family and friends.

Joseph with Great-Granddaddy.
Joseph with (soon-to-be) Aunt Aftin. Joseph with Aunt Alissa. Joseph with Uncle Travis. Joseph's first big-boy bath (notice his excellent Ducky-placing skills)
Joseph with Great-Nanny.
A date with Kennedy. They smiled. They held hands. Kennedy sucked his toes. . . .

Joseph's introduction to Rook.

This post is also brought to you by:

The Nashville Predators - for hosting the Swearingen Sibling Night Out and site of Game 2 of the play-offs (which ROCKED)

Ebay - for providing 3 tickets to Game 2 of the play-offs for the Swearingen Sibling Night Out

Nana & Papa - for babysitting during Swearingen Sibling Night Out

Aunt Janet - who can't wait to introduce Joseph to (in no particular order) beer & Tennessee football