Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super Hero Birthday Party!!!

Jacob and his best friend George both turn 4 this month.  When George's mom and I realized that we were planning the exact same party for both boys we decided to combine our efforts and have their parties together.
We have a new trampoline park a half mile from our house that the boys love.  We took them there in advance to take some pictures for their invitation.

Then we went to work on the party.  Alicia and I made fondant super hero cupcake toppers and we were so excited with how they turned out.

 I also made birthday t-shirts for the boys.
Our birthday boys!!!
 Let the party begin!

 Alicia made the banner and all the fun decorations.

 Captain America is ready for action.
More costumes and goodie bags.
 That most of their friends came in costume just added to the fun.

 Even Baby D got in on the jumping.  She loved it!

 Time for pizza  . . 
 and cupcakes!!

 We saved the presents until we got home.  Jacob was so thrilled with all the super hero gifts he received.  He has been rescuing us from Bad Guys and saving the day ever since.