Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts. . .

I love that I got this picture at just the right time.  It looks like Joseph is in pain but really he's laughing.  Denbigh is such a little grabber.  She is quick to grab hair and skin and slow to let go.
 And I finally got a picture of these two little pearly bottom teeth!! 
 It seems like she's gone from baby to "big girl" overnight and I know it's going to continue to fly by.
Because of all the snow days we had school will now be in session through the first week of June.  And because of our move and some additional traveling we'll be doing before then we have decided to pull Jacob out of his school at the same time.  Yes - that means that all 3 kiddos will be home with mama every day of summer.  I plan on wearing them out at the pool most of that time. 
Jacob's school did graduation pictures recently and we asked if he could be included since he'll be leaving. They said yes!  Look at this precious "graduate."