Thursday, September 4, 2014

Road Trip West - Day One

First - the night before - the boys had a camp-out in their room one last time.
 The truck showed up bright and early Friday morning!!!

We left Little Rock around 6 pm.  It took the movers all day to load the truck.  We had several friends stop by to say good-bye and the Gallups stayed for most of the afternoon and helped out so much by entertaining the kids while we wrapped things up.  So thankful for them and we all miss all of them so much.

Before we left I had to take a picture of the boys' closet wall where they measured themselves.
Here are the boys with our completed "count-down to California"
 All our boys together

 A couple last family pics on the steps of our beloved home.

 After a quick drive-through Chick-fil-A for dinner we hit the road! 
A few things we saw:
Nuclear Power Plant
Oklahoma State Line
Big red setting sun