Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yucky & dirty

Today I finished up a sewing project that left quite a bit of fabric fuzz behind. It was a small corduroy . . . and really . . . when you sew with it, it leaves so much behind that dust bunnies form. . and have baby dust bunnies.

Joseph wakes up from his nap soon after I finished the project . . . and before I had time to clean up the rapidly reproducing corduroy dust bunnies.

"uh oh mama"

(louder) "uh oh mama!"

(even louder) "MAMA - yucky!!!"

The sound of pounding feet alerts me that I will soon be joined in the kitchen by a very traumatized little boy. He runs right past me to the broom and dust pan which is a bit much for him to handle. So I take the broom and follow him into the dining room where he excitedly points out the bunnies. He's never seen this particular green kind of dust bunnies before. He is, however, pretty familiar with the regular kind. I sweep up the bunnies while he points out every little spot I may have missed.

"yucky mama . . . . it's dirty! . . . . . . it's dirty mama! . . . . yucky! . . . . . . . ."

and since he seemed so excited about cleaning it up, I let him loose soon after that with the cordless vacuum for awhile.