Thursday, January 15, 2009

God is Great . . .

Joseph loves to say prayers. His current favorite is "God is Great . . . " and he reminds us before meals that we need to pray.
"pray?!" . . . . . ."yes Joseph"
"God is Great?!" . . . . "yes Joseph"

At bedtime we usually say a version of "Now I lay me down to sleep."
"Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray thee Lord thy sweeeeeet, precious, daaaarrrling Joseph to keep. Thy love guard me through the night and wake me with the morning light."

Except now we also have to say "God is Great" at bedtime before we start "Now I lay me. . . " If we start the bedtime prayer first, Joseph just goes ahead with "God is Great" on his own.

"put your hands together Joseph. it's time to pray"
"God is Great?!"
"no. Now I lay me."
"God is Great?!"
"ok Joseph. God is Great"


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little guy. I love the simple faith of children. You're right Joseph, God is Great. Bless his sweet little heart. Love, mom Claire