Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Voice of Truth

Since we live in such a busy part of town we turn on a radio in Joseph's room for nap time and at night. It is tuned into a local Christian station. He gets a daily dose of music and preaching of the Word and I often hear him singing along when he wakes up.

The other morning I heard him singing and went in to get him up. But instead of popping right up as per usual, he laid there singing his song. I finally picked him up and held him, while slightly swaying to the music. He put his head on my shoulder, patted my back and finished singing his song . . . "the Voice of Truth tells me a different story. the Voice of Truth says do not be afraid. the Voice of Truth says this is for my glory. I will listen and believe. . . the Voice of Truth."

Through tears I thanked God for this precious boy and prayed that those words would always be on his lips.

I've added the song to our playlist.


katie said...

wow, how i love that baby boy of yours. hug him for me. have a great day!

Sarah said...

"The mouths of babes"...So sweet. It was great to see you guys the other night...too short, though!

our family said...

How sweet. I love that song.