Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

Holidays are becoming more fun now that Joseph is old enough to appreciate them. For Valentine's Day, Joseph decorated our kitchen windows (and then moved everything higher once he realized his baby brother could reach them) and wrote his own name on the cards for his school friends.

Then we got 7 inches of snow and Little Rock shut down. Joseph's party at school was postponed. But as it ended up taking place on the actual day instead of the Friday previous, well, it was probably better. Joseph's craft at church that weekend was also Valentine related.On Monday Joseph got to go to school and have his party and pass out his valentines. He had been a little concerned that his friends would forget to get him valentines. This was probably heightened by watching "Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown" the day before. He did not need to be afraid because he came home with a whole bag of cards and candy. He and daddy had also made a few stops on the way home and brought home some goodies to surprise mama too!


Jennifer McHam said...

cuuuuute! I love your family updates :) !!