Friday, June 10, 2011

Joseph's Wishes

About once a day Joseph will say . . . ."mama, do you know what I wish?"

You just never know what is coming. Recently he wished that "fire would come out of my feet and I could fly like Astro Boy." But seriously, who wouldn't want that? That would be awesome.

This morning:

J: "mama, do you know what I wish?"
me: "no. What do you wish."
J: "I wish we had a compass."
me: "a compass?" (seriously. did I hear him right? where did he learn about a compass?)
J: "yes. a compass."
me: "and why do you wish we had a compass?"
J: "so we would know which direction we are going."

ok then. I guess he knows what a compass is. And his wish totally came true because Super Daddy reached into his bag of tricks in the garage and pulled out a compass from his Boy Scout days. Joseph doesn't get to play with it yet but he's thrilled to know we have one.


Jennifer McHam said...

Just catching up on your blog. You CRACK me up! Love all your posts - so cute!! And that picture of the boys snuggling watching Mickey Mouse - LOVE :) !!