Tuesday, July 5, 2011

family fun weekend - part 2

so - not many pictures were taking of the rest of family fun weekend. On Sunday evening we had some neighbors/friends over for ribs (that had smoked all afternoon), some side dishes and this fabulous cake.
Joseph helped me make it and the smell of it was also the reason (excuse) for not being able to nap that afternoon. Not only did it look amazing, it was pretty yummy.

We were so tired from our big zoo day, yard work and company that we laid pretty low on Monday/Independence Day. In true holiday fashion, we stayed in our jammies all day. We played with our toys (mama reread the 7th Harry Potter book in readiness for seeing the movie next weekend), napped, ate leftovers and just relaxed. We did manage to rustle up some hot dogs, baked beans and watermelon last night to celebrate the big day though. And we watched the Washington DC celebration on TV. It was a great family fun weekend and now we're back to our regular schedule.