Friday, August 26, 2011

From the innocent mouths of babes

disclaimer: I don't always share the inappropriate things my children say. However, this one needs to get down in writing before I forget the particulars as it will definitely need to be recounted at future events like Joseph's high school graduation, college graduation, medical school graduation, rehearsal dinner and when he has his own kiddos.

Last night I heard Joseph yell from the kitchen, "WHO WANTS TO GET SCREWED?!"


mama (thinking he could not have possibly said that): "what was that?"


mama (cleaning out ears): "what did you say?"

Joseph: "Do you want me to screw you?"

mama (don't overreact, don't overreact): "um, how would you do that?"

Joseph: "like this!" - put out arms and starts spinning in a circle - "I'm a screw!"

(mama and daddy breathe sighs of relief between their fits of giggles)

Daddy (busy putting away the groceries whilst doubled over laughing behind the open refrigerator door): "well, why don't you go in the living room to, um, screw."


Mel and Scott said...

:) Gotta love it!

Jennifer McHam said...

Best. story. ever. Inappropriate stories are the way funniest!