Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decorating for Jesus's birthday party

On terms Joseph can understand, as we filled his room with balloons for his birthday, we are decorating our house for Jesus's birthday party! I love how cozy our house gets during the holidays with all the lights and warm colors. I also love the traditions we are starting.

Some of my favorite things:

Our stockings hung on the mantel. They were knitted by Christopher's Nanny.
Our collection of lighted houses started by Christopher's grandmother and continued by his mother.
The latest addition - the nativity set my dad brought back from Africa, hand-carved by a villager.

Last night we went tree shopping and the boys helped pick out our "biggest, most beautiful" tree. (Joseph)

Yep - that's the one daddy. We're excited about decorating it today!


Jennifer McHam said...

That nativity set is SWEEEEET! Love it!!