Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conversations about God

Joseph has been talking a lot about God lately which makes me really happy. Most of the time it's about God loving us, us loving God and God protecting us. All really great things. Occasionally his human nature shines through but it's all a learning process, right? Here are a couple recent conversations.

Joseph to Jacob:

"all of these toys belong to God not us. We just get to play with them. But they all belong to God. So we don't say "that's mine" because you aren't God. You're Jacob. But God lets us play with them and we need to share."

(all good until he was using God to make Jacob share)

Joseph to me: (after explaining that I, like Daddy, also went to college and used to work outside the home but now stay home with my boys.)

"Aw mama. If you wanted to go back to work I could stay home with Jacob and take care of him. And if he was too much for me to handle I would just pray to God to help me."

to which I responded: "I pray that prayer every day sweetheart."


Jennifer McHam said...

bwahahahahahahahaha me too :) me too.