Friday, December 21, 2012

New Room!!!

When we bought our house the bonus room was unfinished.  Our builder left the sheet rock in the room but did not intend to finish it.  We were excited about finishing this room for the boys one day.

 When Jake was born my dad and Christopher spent several days wiring, insulating and sheet rocking the room.

 They also built this cool tunnel under the eaves.

 Since then we've done more work on it here and there . . . such as adding beadboard to the tunnel and one of the walls.

Then we decided, to finish it off and make sure it matched the rest of the house, to contract with our original builder for the rest of the work.  

We were fortunate to have the same trim guys (that did the rest of our house) finish this room.

 Then the painters came in and went to work.  I was a little nervous about the colors because we had chosen two shades of blue.  I was afraid it would look like the Cookie Monster.

 But it doesn't!!!  Everything turned out so great.

 Joseph and I painted verses on the floor before carpet was laid.  This verse is under their beds.
 And this verse is under their chairs.
 Jacob was so excited to see the new carpet.
 He even volunteered to vacuum.
 I finally was able to use this fabric that I bought for $4 a yard two years ago!
 I love these awesome train sheets also purchased a couple of years ago with this room in mind.

 Christopher built a custom door for the attic and I love how it turned out.

We are still moving in toys and getting things arranged so look for more pictures later!