Friday, January 4, 2013

Part 6 - The aftermath

Our view in the morning. . . . 

We spent the morning bundled up around their fireplace and were able to have a warm breakfast thanks to their gas stove.  It was estimated that Little Rock received over 10 inches of snow.  This was the first time in 86 years that Little Rock had snow accumulation on Christmas Day.  Over 190,000 homes were without power thanks to the ice build up.  Finally mid-morning we decided to head back home and hopefully find some coffee on the way.  As we drove past the Promenade we noticed that the McDonald's parking lot was full!  They had power, heat, food and coffee!!!!  The line was also 45 minutes long.  We didn't care.  We picked up enough food for "second breakfast" and lunch and headed home.  The boys really wanted to play in their room so we bundled them up (including mittens) and sent them upstairs.  Daddy & Mama bundled up under blankets on the couch and dozed . . . . only to sit straight up a couple hours later when a low buzz indicated our power was back!!!  We were without power for a total of 20 hours.  And we were one of the first homes to get our power turned back on.  Some people in Little Rock were without power as long as 10 days.