Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby June

Last week I became an auntie again to sweet baby June-bug.  And because I have an awesome husband, I was able to fly to see her when she was a day old.  She is such a beautiful baby and we had a lot of fun taking naps together.

 I also got to see a couple other cuties while I was there.

 It was so hard to leave this little angel and I a can't wait to see her in again in a few weeks.
You can see June-bug's professional photos here.

In the meantime - Super Daddy held down the fort at home.  He managed school/work schedules, packing lunches, wrangling crazy boys and when I got home the dishes and laundry were done, house was spotless and there were clean sheets on the bed.  I was also met at the airport with roses and homemade valentines from the little guys.  I'm one blessed mama.


Jennifer McHam said...

precious and perfect!!! LOVE her newborn pictures - Can't beat those newborn pros - SO GOOD. Always in awe. Your sister looks ah-mazing. xoxo Jen.