Monday, September 23, 2013

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Joseph wanted an American Ninja Warrior party this year.  His original plan was that we would build an obstacle course in our yard.  While that sounds just plain awesome (yikes), Daddy had the idea of going to River City Gymnastics (brilliant)! Unfortunately they didn't have any openings next weekend on his actual birthday so we had his party early.  

The kiddos had a lot of fun on the various obstacle courses.

 River City Gymnastics provided all the party supplies and coaches for the kiddos.  All we had to do was bring the cake, juice boxes and goodie bags.

The goodie boxes contained "Ninja Bread Men" - thanks to our friend Alicia who had these amazing cookie cutters.  

 Joseph wanted an "obstacle course" cake.  Our cake had 3 obstacles: Quad Steps, Rotating Bridge and a Warped Wall.  The wall was the hardest to figure out.  I ended up baking a piece of curved gingerbread in a bowl and covering it with fondant.  It wasn't perfect but Joseph loved his cake and that's all that matters.


Laura said...

So cool! Looks like a great party. I especially like the cake!

caroline croce said...

Where did you get the invitations? I need to order some for our party on the 7th of sept! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am wondering where you got the invites from too?

Emilie said...

I am sorry guys! I just now saw these comments. I made the invitations myself. I saved the logo from the TV website and then downloaded a ninja font. I printed them on white paper and then glued them onto blue card stock.