Saturday, May 17, 2014

Almost the end . . .

The boys have 3 weeks left of school and the end-of-the-year festivities are in full-swing.  Yesterday morning we attending Jacob's graduation ceremony.  The boys' preschool always does a great job with their events and this was no exception.  
Denbigh was excited about the graduation.
 First the kiddos came in by classes and all had part in various aspects of the ceremony.
I will try to post a video of Jacob's part later.

After the kids' performances, they exited to prepare for graduation, and the parents watched a slide show.
 Then the big moment!!!
 Receiving his diploma from Ms. Ethel - one of our favorite teachers.
 Jacob with Ms. Pat - his teacher this year.

 We will be so sad to leave this school and the amazing teachers who have loved our boys so well.

 After graduation Denbigh and Mama headed home for a quick change and then headed over to Joseph's school for Field Day for the rest of the day.

 We missed the first several events but got there in time for about 5 different relay stops and the big kick-ball game.
 Here Joseph and his "best buddy" Parker are passing a balloon with their elbows.
 And here they are doing the robot by the DJ stand.
In addition to the various relays, there were jump castles, a tattoo booth, photo booth, guessing contests and they finished with popcorn and ici-pops for all the kids watching the 5th Graders vs. Faculty kick-ball game. We are going to miss this school too.