Tuesday, October 21, 2014

15 months old!

I did take these pictures on her 15-month birthday but am again about 3 weeks late in posting them.  She runs everywhere now and it's pretty tough getting her to hold still for a picture.  So all of these are of her running loose all over the playground and "hallways" at Joseph's school.

She has added "Thank You" to her vocabulary and it's adorable.  She also kisses with a big "mmmmmaaaa" sound which is again - freaking adorable.  She loves to be outside and has quite the California-girl suntan and blond highlights.  She gives big hugs which include her little hands patting your back. And she loves to sing.  Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse and she responds to all of Mickey's questions with sounds I don't understand but I'm going to interpret them as correct answers because she's brilliant.  (and I'm not biased at all.  ha.) She also will get a diaper when she needs to be changed and throws the dirty one away.  And if you ask her if she wants juice she will get a sippy cup out of the cupboard and bring it to me.  It makes life so much easier when they start to communicate!!