Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 year stats!

I had to take this awesome kiddo to the dr. this morning after 3 days of fever and coughing.  Turns out he has a cold and ear infection.  :(  I believe this is his first ear infection ever! And then I realized that I never posted his 5-year-old stats.  So here we go:

Weight: 50.4 pounds - 91st percentile
Height: 46.25 inches - 95th percentile

for reference - Joseph at 5 years old was:
Weight: 44.75 pounds - 75th percentile
Height: 43.9 inches - 75th percentile

Somehow it totally caught me off guard to discover that Jacob is over 2 inches taller than Joseph was at this age!!! 

Jacob is so excited to start Kindergarten this fall.  He is all registered and it currently it looks like he'll be in the afternoon class unless they add one more morning class.  (It's a possibility so we are hopeful as that would be ideal with Denbigh in morning preschool.) He loves Star Wars and Star Trek and all things science fiction much to Daddy's delight.  He also loves Legos and playing soccer and loving on his dog.  He still has a vivid imagination and is always "making movies" and wanting everyone to act out the scenarios he has made up.  A phrase I hear often - "I know.  I'm just pretending!" He loves to paint and draw and will set his easel in front of the TV with the screen paused so he can paint Mile's space ship or Mickey's clubhouse.  

He looks forward to the day that he can join Cub Scouts and do all the stuff that his brother does.  Mama loves that he is small enough and still loves to snuggle.  He loves to talk the most out of our family and bounds out of bed in the morning, running to find me and yell "Surprise!" Sometimes I ask if he can keep from talking for just a couple minutes until I've had some coffee and the response is always, "but I LOVE to talk!!" 

And we LOVE our crazy, funny, imaginative, challenging Jake.