Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of School

And just like that - summer is over.  It's time for school!

We got our backpacks, supplies and teacher gifts ready.
 An "Apple for Teacher" - a red box filled with a homemade cinnamon roll & green plastic fork, topped with green leaves and a Target gift card.
 Another tradition - tracing and cutting out hand prints on the first day of school.
 Breakfast of champions - egg, turkey sausage and cheese omelet with greek yogurt and a cinnamon roll.

 And our front door pictures!!!
Third Grade!!!!
 And then we hit the trail for our mile walk to school.
 He's ready!!!!  and so excited.
There goes my heart.  Mama cried.
That sweet wave! . . . followed by an arm-pumping run to his class.  

 Because it's a secure campus, parents were not allowed to go along in to the Kindergarten classes on the first day.  Jacob's sweet teacher sent me these pics of him in class and I was so thankful!

 Then it was Joseph's turn to class.  Parents are allowed to go to the classrooms in the morning for the first week of school.  

 It sure was quiet at home that morning!!!  After school we celebrated with a walk into town for some Fro-Yo.


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