Monday, September 26, 2011

birthday party!!!

Joseph turns 5 this week! We had his birthday party on Saturday at Jump Zone. He told us about 9 months ago that he wanted to have his party there so planning has been fairly easy. On Friday morning we started our party prep at home and Joseph was excited to help.

First we put together the goodie bags for our guests. . .
Joseph wanted a "space" theme for his party so we did what we could with what we could find.
We made some homemade "moon dough."
We also created recipe cards in case anyone wanted to make more at home.
Our finished goodie bag ingredients . . .
And our spaced themed cupcakes . . . .

Joseph was so excited to go to his party on Saturday and wear his new rocket shirt.The table set up at Jump Zone for all the kiddos . . .
The birthday boy blowing out his candles.
Ready to open presents!

Joseph was so excited to have his friends at his party and they were excited to help him with his gifts.So - a fun and exhausting day for everyone. We have more fun planned for this week as our sweet boy turns 5!!!!