Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend o' family fun

This past weekend found us traveling again. We headed to Nashville where we dropped off daddy and picked up Aunt Alissa, then headed on to Indianapolis. Cousin Scout turned 1-year-old last week and her birthday party was on Saturday evening. We helped make her special cake and cupcakes and relaxed with the Shetler family.

Uncle Jon gave Joseph & Jacob a little guitar lesson.

Baby Cannon is getting so big and smiles like it's his job.
Aunt Alissa helped wrangle boys and was great fun to have along on our road trip.

Baby Cow's/Scout's first birthday cake.
She dug right in to that cake and ate the whole thing.
Then she tore in to her gifts. She took a short nap at bedtime, not wanting to miss the after-party, and was in rare form later that night after all the sugar.