Thursday, January 26, 2012

conversations with Jacob

Jacob is getting to such a fun age! There is a certain conversation that gets repeated often. Most usually when we are getting in the car to go somewhere.

Little J: where daddy?
me: daddy is at work.
Little J: oh. where joe?
me: Joe is at school.
Little J: oh. (repeat several times)

We also have this one occasionally:

me: What does the cow say?
Little J: moooooo
me: What does the sheep say?
Little J: baaaaaaaa
me: What do 3 singing pigs say?
Little J: La La La
me: What do you say?
Little J: no no!
me: What do cats and kittens say?
Little J: (very softly) meow

we've also added:
me: what does Santa say?
Little J: Ho Ho!
me: what does mama say?
Little J: Love you!