Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joseph's wish list

A couple of weeks ago when I dropped Joseph off at school his classmates were busy cutting out pictures of things they wanted for Christmas and gluing them on paper. Joseph brought his creation home that evening but I didn't really take a good look at it until this morning when I was taking pictures of his crafts (and throwing away the originals - shhhh.) As I looked at the pictures I realized that not a single one was just a random cut out. He really would like each and every item.

Mickey Mouse Hat - um, total favorite.
Legos - always - good thing he got some.
iPad - who wouldn't and the kid loves anything electronic on which he can play games.
GPS - the kid loves a map.
Jump Castle - have we mentioned that Jump Zone is his favorite place after Disney World?
Chuggington Playset/Thomas the Train - also loves trains
Hot Wheels & Trio building sets - yep - loves/has those.