Thursday, March 8, 2012


We started out this morning with a trip to the dentist for both boys. Jacob was escorted to a private room in the back for anticipated "first time at the dentist" screaming. But he was a champ. He thought his chair was a slide and enjoyed "weeee-ing" down the bottom. Once we got him settled into the chair he cooperated with Dr. Kitchens and let him check out the pearly whites. Jacob has good strong teeth and the dentist confirmed that the 2-year molars are working their way through.

And Bonus: Nemo was on TV!

Joseph did a great job as per usual. No cavities and good strong teeth.
We celebrated by having breakfast at IHOP afterwards!


Jennifer McHam said...

bwahahahahaha - My favorite is the picture of absolute delight on Christopher's face ;) !!!! Nothing like a fun outing to the dentist!!! :) :) :)

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