Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

We had a lot of fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year. The boys are at such a great age for all the fun and games!We made these delightful clover snacks for Joseph to take to school on Friday. (thanks Pinterest for another great holiday treat!)
And, as is becoming a holiday tradition, my friend Jenny and I made shirts for our boys! Sham Rock!!!
Friday night after the boys went to bed, sneaky little leprechauns arrived and began playing tricks.
They left little footprints all over the table while hanging decorated pictures of the boys.
They also peed in our toilet! (and forgot to flush *gasp*)
They built a tower in the dining room so they could hide green toys in the chandelier.

The boys had so much fun discovering all the sneaky tricks. Later that morning we met some friends downtown to enjoy lunch in the Market and then watch the parade.

Did you know that the Storm Troopers were Irish? It was a surprise to me too.


Michelle Jamie said...

Can I ask why Amaricans celebrate saint patrics day?