Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Organizing our Schedules

I don't know how families with kids in sports and various other school activities do it.  We aren't there yet and are already so busy.  It's just going to get worse!  I love/need to be organized otherwise I feel completely overwhelmed.

Our current calendar system works well for us.  I hope it will continue to work as we start adding sports and other activities into our schedule in the near future.

We use the Google calendar. And by use. . . I mean we have about six different calendars that are all color coded and connected.  I realized yesterday that we'll soon need to give Joseph and Jacob their own colored calendars as well.  Here is a shot of our current month:

You may be thinking that it doesn't look that crazy.  And really it's not compared to some, but I also removed Christopher's personal and work calendars for privacy reasons.  I can usually see all of his meetings which is really helpful in scheduling doctor appointments, etc.  One recent addition is the menu calendar.  I used to just make a list of our weekly menu.  However, Christopher suggested adding the new calendar to our Google collection and it has been awesome.  I tease him that he wanted to be able to look up our menu just to see if he wanted to come home that day or schedule a work dinner.  But seriously, this way I can look back at previous months and see what we've had and get ideas for the menu or realize we've had something a little too often.  I can also attach the link to the recipe in the notes so I don't have to go hunting.  This has been one of my biggest time savers in menu planning lately and that thrills me to pieces.

Our current calendar categories:

Family Schedule
Emilie - personal schedule
Christopher - personal schedule
Christopher - work schedule
Community Group

And to all my crazy, busy friends with kids in T-ball and basketball and ballet and soccer. . . . . if my calendar system completely falls apart when we get to that stage I am coming to you for help.  Get ready.