Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summertime Fun!

So - Joseph has 1.5 weeks of preschool before he's home for the summer.  Joseph and I haven't had three months of solid time together since we moved to Arkansas.  Whatever will we do?!

My friend Jenny posted a fun list of summer activities on her blog the other day and I fully intend to "steal" some of them . . . or join her and her fun boys in doing them.  :)

There is also a free movie series that starts in June.  The movies are shown on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and we are looking forward to seeing some of them.

I have noticed that Joseph doesn't do super well with random free-play time.  He needs structure.  He needs to be learning or he gets restless and a little "just plain pick on my brother" moody.  So I've been scouring the internet/pinterest for fun projects to occupy his time.  His preschool has done such a great job at getting him ready for Kindergarten.  At my recent orientation meeting at the elementary school we were given a list of things they would like them to know upon arrival.  Joseph knows almost everything on the list in addition to other things they said they would be teaching this year.  (See - excellent preschool!)  But there are a couple of things we need to work on.

1) Spelling our last name.  Let's face it - that's a hard one for anyone.

2) Writing our address.  Joseph can recite our address well but we will work on writing it.

3) His phone number.  Since we don't have a home phone, this one is a little hard to tackle.  But we will work on him memorizing mama and daddy's cell phone numbers.

We've also been working on our bike riding skills which are getting much better!!!

What else can we get into this summer????