Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Boy Cast

Last week we took Joseph back to the hospital to have his splint removed and to have the hand surgeon check out his finger. Joseph started to feel unwell when we arrived and soon I could tell that he was running a fever.  By the time we got through check-in and were transferred to the clinic he was looking pretty puney.  The staff gave him a basin and cool washcloth and took us back to a room so he could lay down. 
 The surgeon said that his finger is healing wonderfully and then gave him the option between a week in a cast or a finger splint.  Joseph is a bit overprotective of his finger and opted for a cast.  Again - coolest kiddo in Kindergarten!
 He perked up as the cast was put on and for the ride home.
 But he ended up needing the bucket about as soon as we got home and then spent the night on the couch.  I have a feeling he was reacting to his pain meds as he was perfectly fine the next day and no one else came down with it.  
And - he was excited to show me all the signatures he collected after school the next day!