Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Joseph - Part 2

On Saturday we had Joseph's birthday party at our house.  
He had decided on an Angry Birds theme a couple of months ago and we've been working hard getting everything ready.

Invitations:  I used a wood-grain effect on cream recycled paper and glued/stapled a real rubber band onto it  along with the red angry bird.
Because of the nature of a couple of our activities, we decided to have the party in the garage.  (This required a bit of cleaning on Saturday morning.)

I found a website with free downloads of the Angry Bird font and this pendants that I could personalize.
Game 1: Rescue Mission - Destroy the fortress and piggie guards!!
 I painted balls to look like the red, yellow and blue angry birds.
I also was thrilled to find wood grain wrapping paper in the $1 aisle at Target and we wrapped the boxes we've been saving.  The kiddos then built various fortresses and then threw the balls to knock it down. We also had green "piggie guard" balloons.

Game 2: Final Mission - Smash the King Piggie and Rescue the Eggs!!
I found an online tutorial for creating a pinata and made this King Piggie pinata.  I filled it with plastic Easter Eggs filled with candy and Angry Bird confetti.  The kiddos took turns hitting it with a bat and I loved their sounds of glee when it cracked slightly and confetti burst out.  That was quickly followed by the eggs and candy.
The favors were made up of green and red buckets holding Angry Birds note books, activity books, rubix cubes and other Angry Birds items.  

We also made a fun photo booth area.  Thanks to Aunt Natalie for sending Joseph the Angry Bird decals for his birthday.  They were a great prop!

 This party theme was so fun to plan food around!!

The most labor intensive part of this day was the cake.  I decided to try my hand at fondant and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out!  The piggies especially turned out better than I imagined.  Joseph loved it which is the most important thing.

We loved having some of Joseph's friends over to celebrate his birthday (and their parents)!  Thanks to all of you for being a special part of our kiddo's life!


Aubrey said...

When I saw that cake on facebook, I just assumed it was purchased. I should have known better. :) It looks awesome!