Friday, June 21, 2013

Ways to keep summer learning FUN!

Joseph does need a bit of structure to his day and even though I didn't want to overwhelm him this summer we have come up with a few fun ways to include learning into our summer fun plans.

1. Science Experiments

Joseph loves to do experiments so we went to Target and found this great notebook.  Joseph writes down the experiment he wants to do and what he thinks will happen.  Then we do the experiment and post pictures and results. (This also helps with his writing/spelling skills.)

2. Reading

We joined the summer reading program at our local library and try to include reading time every day.  Joseph was reading before he went to Kindergarten so I try to push him to read harder books and improve his skills.  We have progressed to "short" chapter books and I love listening to him read.

3. Computer Games

I am attempting to limit "electronic" time this summer but a little can be beneficial.  Joseph enjoys playing on Cool Math Games and I have found the site to be great.  He thinks he is mostly playing games but is learning all kind of math at the same time.

4. Chores!

This may not seem like "summer learning fun" but Joseph is enjoying learning new chores around the house.  In addition to being a huge help to Mama, it has been helpful in teaching him responsibility as well as respect for "things" and "systems."

5. Economics

Joseph's school has a great economics program.  I can get into it more later but I am hugely impressed by it. Joseph has learned all about "wants vs. needs" and natural resources along with supply & demand and producing goods.  He has his eye on running a lemonade stand this summer.  We haven't quite gotten to it yet but it is on our list for the next couple of weeks.  I will keep you posted.