Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Days of Kindergarten

 The last couple weeks of school had a lot of fun moments.  One of the other room moms won a silent auction for a pony visit to Joseph's class.  The kids all had turns at brushing and petting the very patient pony.
 Suzy even made a quick visit into their classroom.
 They also had Field Day.  Joseph was so excited and get dressed quickly that morning.
 He was equally excited after school but much, much dirtier.
 The final week of school started with a Luau and Ice Cream Social in their class with a review of their year and a sweet video their teacher made.  
 Afterwards they all changed into swim gear and headed outside where .. . 
the Fire Department was waiting.  After a few instructions from one of the firemen
 they proceeded to the "safe zone" and enjoyed a spray down.

 I think they emptied a whole truck on these kids.  Such a special treat!