Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy weekend

I keep thinking that I can't wait for summer vacation so our schedule can slow down - and then I look a the calendar and see that it's already filling up with swimming lessons, piano lessons, summer reading programs and a BABY!

One thing that we will be taking a break from this summer is soccer.  Joseph had his last game of the Upwards season on Saturday morning.  Jacob & Daddy took part in the spirit tunnel while Mama grabbed a couple of pictures.

 We ended up with a tied game.  Joseph really loved learning to play soccer this spring and is already talking about next year.  Jacob took the field during half-time and scored a few of his own goals.  I'm looking at kiddie leagues for him in the fall. 
 One of the other moms brought blue Angry Bird cupcakes for after the game.  I like to call this picture "Bring Me Another Smurf!!!"
 Following soccer we went home for quick showers and then my sweet friend Jenny came over to take family/maternity pictures.  She is crazy talented and I am excited to see the finished pics.

One of Joseph's school friends had a "end of the year" party at a nearby park in the afternoon and Joseph enjoyed playing on the playground, eating popcicles and decorating a t-shirt.

 Then in the evening Mama & Daddy were invited to a surprise 40th birthday party.  Alicia threw a beer themed party for Mike and she did an amazing job.  I don't think she overlooked a single detail and the results were incredible.  She even made this cake in the shape of a beer glass - foam and all.  
 In the meantime Mike & Alicia's boys were at our house for a sleepover.  They were all still awake when we got home and when mama checked on them at 11:30 she finally found this. . . . 
Despite the late bedtime they were all up at 6 am which is the normal wake up time for our boys.  

Sunday was truly a day of rest around here as mama and the boys all took 3 hour naps.  And Daddy gave Mama a break later in the evening by taking Joseph to his soccer awards program.

Two more weeks of school for Joseph and then we'll see how busy our summer gets!!!