Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Change of Plans

I have two big sewing projects I am working on.  Daddy was leaving early Saturday morning for a business trip so I was going to try to finish one up over the weekend and then tackle the other one this week.  But my sewing machine decided it was tired and crapped out on Friday.  So sad.

In retrospect I think it's the best thing that could have happened. Because this is how our time has looked since daddy left.

6 am - drop daddy off at the airport
6:30 am - surprise stop at Krispy Kreme with the boys where we enjoyed Hot Fresh Now original glazed and bought a box to take home
8 am - mama makes some scrambled eggs for breakfast
8:30 am - Joseph complains of an ear ache
8:45 am - mama calls the After Hours Clinic at AR Childrens and gets a 9:15 am appointment
9:15 am - AR Childrens
9:30 am - leaving AR Childrens with an ear infection diagnosis
9:45 am - run back by the house to grab the sewing machine
10 am - Pigtails & Crewcuts to get the boys' mops cleaned up
11 am - Target to fill Joseph's prescription and get a movie for the weekend
11:30 am - drop off sewing machine at friend's home for repair
12 pm - lunch
12:30 pm - naps for everyone!!!
Evening - pizza and movie

6 am - the boys are up and at 'em
Decided to keep ear infection at home instead of exposing to church germs
10 am - boys were so stir crazy, mama decided a trip to Sam's was in order
11:30 am - lunch
12 pm - naps for everyone!
3 pm - showers/baths for the boys
5 pm - the boys went to play with their friends Henry & George while mama and her friend Alicia went to a preview party at the new Chuy's opening just down the street
7 pm - home and bedtime

6 am - up once again
7:30 am - take Joseph to school
8 am - take Jacob to school
mama kills time at Target (dangerous) and realizes that the A/C in the car has crapped out again
9:15 am - dr. appointment for mama
10:30 am - head to Cabot with girlfriends to pick strawberries
12:50 pm - home to grab car and drive to dealership in Benton
1:10 pm - halfway to Benton and realize that I don't have a garage door opener with me and won't be able to get in the house when I get home with the loaner car
1:30 pm - back home, grab opener, drive back to Benton
2 pm - Back in Benton and finally at dealership after driving past it 3 times on the interstate and various access roads (I really don't like driving to Benton)
2:35 - back home with loaner car - heat up meatball hoagie from fridge for lunch
2:40 - walk to school to get Joseph
3 pm - back home with Joseph where we tackle homework, line up the misc. that needs to be sent back to school the next day - and Joseph gets a shower because he came home filthy!
4 pm - head to AR Children's to pick up Joseph's claritin prescription refill and then head over to Jacob's school
5 pm - back in West Little Rock where mama couldn't bear the thought of having to make dinner after crazy day and drove through McDonald's.  I am ashamed to admit it.  But it happened. Big "healthy food" fail.
7 pm - get boys ready for bed and tucked in
7:30 pm - take one look at all the strawberries picked that morning and crash on the couch

5:30 am - yep - boys are up - breakfast, get boys dressed, get mama ready for the day, print out grocery list and gather coupons and grocery bags
7:30 am - take Joseph to school
7:45 am - mama & Jacob tackle Kroger
8:30 am - home - put groceries away
9 am - mama tackles the strawberries
10:15 am - and here we are.  Two batches of strawberry jam are done and I have a ton more strawberries to deal with.

When I would have gotten the sewing done?  I have no idea.  And I'm so thankful that I didn't have the stress of those projects hanging over me when all these other things came up. I'm also super thankful that one of the things we get to do this afternoon is pick Daddy up from the airport!