Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another "First"

Yesterday afternoon after walking home from school Joseph and I were on the couch discussing his day.  Suddenly I grabbed his face and told him to smile at me.  And sure enough a bottom tooth was missing!  He had not even realized it was gone.  I think it probably was swallowed along with lunch.  He was so excited about finally losing a tooth and he's been wiggling the other one non-stop.  He was a bit worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't leave him any money since he didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow. However, he wrote her a very nice letter explaining the situation and she decided to leave him some money anyway.  (By the way - we used to get 25 cents for a tooth.  Maybe a dollar if we were lucky.  These kids get like $5 dollars now.  I don't know what parent tooth fairy started this but that's pretty steep!)