Thursday, May 16, 2013

The nursery is finished!

Thanks to our good friend Mike and Daddy - the couch was moved upstairs this week.  I also finished painting the picture frame (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is super fun) and got the pictures hung.  And voila! The nursery is finished!!!!

Here is the view from the door.
 This is the very heavy couch which is responsible for a couple dents in walls along the stairs and will most likely need to be sold with the house.
 Because of Daddy's job we are following AAP recommendations and foregoing a bumper in the crib.
 Along with the couch, we received this glider from Nanny when she downsized.  I recovered it in a pieced quilt top to go with the vintage look of the room.
 The small rocker and table are also from Nanny.  The dresser was used for both of the boys but I replaced the brown nobs with fun coral glass nobs. We also used bigger coral glass nobs as tie backs for the curtains.
 This picture and frame was purchased at a neighbor's estate sale when Mama was a wee girl and hung in her room growing up.  This frame was the chalk paint recipient.
 These pictures also hung in Mama's little girl room and were made by her Aunt Margaret.
 This is Isaac Bear.  He was made by Grandma Ellen out of the bedspread given to Mama's great-grandparents as a 50th wedding anniversary gift.
 Since baby girl will have no sisters to play with we are very glad that she has several girl cousins!  These flowers are from her cousin Ava who is excited to have someone with whom to play dolls and dress-up.
 The bookcase contains additional pieces of family history.  The small dresser was a gift to 2-year-old Grandma from her dad when he returned from a trip. The Raggedy Ann & Andy plate/cup and the blocks and rattle were all Mama's.  And the clock on top was a wedding present from Mama's great-aunt Dora.  Some of the books on the shelves include the Little House series and a published collection of great-aunt Dora's journal entries.