Thursday, December 12, 2013


This past weekend we got a bit of ice/snow (mostly ice) causing school to be canceled Friday and Monday and church on Sunday.  We enjoyed having a cozy family weekend and fortunately had plenty of food on hand.  

The boys helped me cut out paper snowflakes for the font door.  
Jacob: I am snipping!
Mama: Yes you are.
Jacob: but only paper.  no dogs or puppies!

 Then they ventured outside (with Daddy) to sled down the hill (road) with the other neighborhood kiddos.

 They enjoyed their hot chocolate when they finally came back inside.

 Mama was also super glad she had this Gingerbread House kit hiding in the closet.

 Quite a bit of the weekend was spent in our jammies - watching The Polar Express.  
Jacob: This is my favorite moooovie! Right?!  :)