Thursday, December 12, 2013

O Christmas Tree

 We did manage to escape the house for a little bit on Sunday and finally get our Christmas tree.  Daddy did a great job picking one out from the frozen, ice-covered pile.  We had to let it sit on towels in our living room for a couple of days defrosting before we could decorate it.
 And then, because we loved our taste of freedom, we headed over to our favorite place in the Promenade (Big Orange) for dinner.

 Last year Nanny presented Mama & Daddy with brand new Christmas stockings and Mama's old one matched the boys.  So part of our snow-bound weekend was spent removing Mama's name and adding Denbigh's.  It's not done well but it's done and Baby D has a stocking on the mantel.

 Grandpa Joe brought back this nativity set from one of his trips to the Congo.  It is one of my favorite decorations to display.  It was hand carved by one of the villagers.  

Our snowflakes.  Sadly none of Jacob's made it to the door.  Maybe next year. 
 And our tree is finally fully decorated!!
 The boys even have some Christmas cheer in their room.