Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby food and kid food

I mentioned before that I've been making some of Denbigh's baby food as I did for the boys.  Well - as opposed to my old method of pureeing and then freezing in ice cube trays - I've been using an extremely useful gadget from Target and these pouches.  It is so much easier than the trays and big ziploc bags of frozen cubes.  

Our boys have never been big snackers between meals . . . until recently.  They are always "starving" and I've been on a hunt to provide them with healthy options that they actually want to eat.  I decided that my baby food pouches didn't need to be exclusively used for Denbigh and made these blueberry/greek yogurt smoothie pouches for them.  We keep some in the fridge for easy snacks and some in the freezer to send in Joseph's lunch.  I am looking forward to creating a bunch of different flavors.