Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Vacation - Days 11-15 & Weekend Antics

Hold on folks - you're in for a long post and lots of pictures!

Last week flew by and we went out of town so I'm condensing it into one (very long) post.

Our week started out with Joseph making us pancakes for breakfast! He did a great job measuring, stirring, pouring and flipping the pancakes.  He did an even better job eating them!

 We also made a 4th of July craft that we saw on Pinterest.

 And then we headed to Nana & Papa's house in Nashville where we swam, ate, played with cousins and celebrated Denbigh's first birthday!!!

 We loved spending time with our family and took advantage of the holiday weekend to do some sightseeing.  Saturday morning we headed to the Loveless Cafe.  It's a popular spot and they have lots of activities with which to entertain while waiting for a table.

 Get the "Moonshine Mary."  So yum.
 Then we headed downtown.

 We walked over the Shelby Street Bridge where we had our wedding reception 10 years ago.

 And played at the new park on the other side.

We also walked around Second Avenue a bit and relaxed at one of the pubs.  Such a great week and weekend spent with family.